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Modern autoclaving tendencies

Modern autoclaving tendencies

Once in a life, every person has eaten one or another type of canned food, like meat, fish, or vegetables. The value of such products is defined by the long (from several months to 3 years) term of life and preservation of the food products’ nutritional properties. It means that the consumer receives a tasty and high-quality product during the entire long storage period.

Design features of the horizontal-type autoclaves

Our company was the first one in Ukraine to produce horizontal sterilization autoclaves. From the point of view of total production capacity per unit of time and operational convenience, their horizontal-type construction is a significant advantage.

The product technological preparation in a horizontal-type autoclave is provided by the following components: hydraulic, heat exchange, software, and hermetic. The hydraulic one includes the hydraulic circuit of the autoclave, which consists of a powerful circulation pump, a shower system, and the autoclave body. The water circulating in the autoclave is taken from the bottom of the case, pumped through the plate heat exchanger, and supplied to the suffocating system. This large volume of water passes through the suffocating system and washes the product, allowing the internal volume of the autoclave to be evenly heated. The uniform product heating in our autoclaves is the main advantage compared to vertical-type ones.

The basis of the heat exchange component is a plate heat exchanger and a system of pneumatic valves that control the supply of steam during the heating and sterilization stage and the supply of cold water during the cooling stage.
The software component is developed by our company and allows the sterilization process to be carried out in automatic mode. The operator loads the product into the autoclave, closes the lid, starts the necessary program, and waits for the sterilization cycle completion.

The hermetic component is provided by a bayonet shutter with a pneumatic seal.

The combination of the above-listed components allows you to enter the sterilization mode at a temperature of 120°C in 20 minutes and to carry out sterilization with minimum deviations of the temperature regime ± 0.1°C and minimum of the pressure regime ± 0.05 bar.

During the autoclave operation, condensate is obtained at the outlet of the heat exchanger with a temperature no more than 10°C higher than the temperature of the water in the circulation autoclave circuit. Such indicators testify to the maximum efficiency of steam energy use in the sterilization process.

Our company develops autoclaves with an electric water heating type, but it is worth noting that such autoclaves can have a maximum of two baskets and require a great network power.
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Autoclaves have CE certification and comply with EU pressure vessel operating standards.

Types of heat treatment

The following types of heat treatment can be carried out in an autoclave:
– sterilization – carried out at a temperature above 100°C, increases the shelf life of the product by up to 3 years, has a wide selection of containers and products;
– pasteurization – food processing at a temperature below 100°C, increases the shelf life to 2 months at a temperature of +4°C, allows for reducing the level of preservatives in the product;
– cooking – excellent taste and quality of the final product, no weight loss of the one, the possibility of using large packaging, the product is suitable for sale in canteens and the HoReCa segment.

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What kind of products is it suitable for production?

The range of products that can be processed in an autoclave is very wide, including canned meat and stews, pate, porridge with meat and vegetables, cooked or preserved vegetables, dry rations (retort bags), condensed milk, and wet animal feed.

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List of adjacent equipment

It is worth noting that our company produces related equipment used in the technological sterilization process. First of all, it is a semi-automatic loader and unloader of the cans into baskets, a machine for washing and drying the ones, cooking boilers and mincing mixers of various volumes, vacuum meat massagers, bubble washers for vegetables and fruits, and many other types of equipment.

Advantages of buying from a domestic manufacturer

The equipment cost is low compared to foreign manufacturers.
Our own design and production facilities allow us to produce not only a wide range of equipment for various purposes for food manufacturers but also to solve the atypical technological tasks of our customers. Complex project planning of the shop work of various types and production capacities. The fast service warranty and post-warranty equipment maintenance. Our autoclaves are already used by the largest manufacturers in Ukraine, such as MHP, BORYSFEN-TRADE MANUFACTURING PLANT, VIZYT, NIVA PEREYASLAVSHCHINA, CHUDOVA MARKA FH, THE KLION GROUP COMPANY, and many others.

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